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News in Grand Marais GRAND MARAIS – In a timber-framed building that smelled of freshly sawed wood and pine tar, Robb Rutledge and Pete Dulak were hammering brass rivets into their handmade norse pram, a small rowboat of Scandinavian heritage. On a brisk afternoon a wood stove crackled in the background. A deepening .

These are the faces of a continent – Africa up close and personal. The tight frames they are shot in barely seem to hold these people as they stand proud and stark against deep black backgrounds. The .

Cormorant travel The Double-crested Cormorant has all black feathers with a bare patch of orange/yellow facial skin near his beak. He is 2 ½ – 3′ long with a wingspan of 4′ and weighs 2 ½ – 6 pounds. He has webbed fee.

ColourWise news. Resene have introduced colourwise newsletters to educate our staff about colours and colour combinations. The inaugural issue of this newsletter was so popular that staff wanted copies to pass onto customers, so to make the newsletters accessible to all copies are now available for viewing in ColorShops or you can open .

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Government of Fisher Branch Jason Fisher, a south Alabama Democrat, announces bid for U.S. Senate seat – Jason Fisher . political scandals and government corruption have damaged the reputation of our state. "We do not need another senator who provides a rubber stamp to the proposed policies and actions .

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Ochre River Snow Drags 2017Severe thunderstorm watch issued for central Manitoba – including Winnipegosis and Fork River. – Municipality of Ethelbert, including Garland. – Municipality of Lakeshore, including ochre river, Mackinak, Rorketon and Toutes Aides. – Municipality of Roblin .

Hancock’s photos show Bininj teachers like Dean Yibarbuk teaching children how to use white ochre to leave handprints in caves, continuing the rock art tradition. Students like Elicia Djogiba can now .

Ochre was among the earliest pigments used by humans and possibly other hominids for artistic purposes. Some even refer to it as the caveman’s "crayon." The klasies river object measures close to 3 in.

We protect over 100 treasured places in Scotland, for now and for the centuries to come. Search for them by name or location.